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Have you felt that your CD and DVD collection is becoming bigger and bigger? Doe it take you along time to find the DVD you want to view tonight? Take it easy, here is the solution you need.

CD Archiver is a free full featured program which will help you when keeping inn order all your cds and dvds.

Ok, now you think it will be really difficult to do that, because now you have lots of CDs and DVDs all around your room. But maybe a bit of work now will have its reward a few weeks after ordering all of them. Now you can stay some time introducing all data in this organizer, but when you will want to have one, it will be in your hands at te momment, just writting its name, and it will be shown on screen where it is.

In addition, it is really easy to use, the interface is really attractive and intuitive and includes a category tree browser which will make that task even easier.

Forget about that time searching and searching your beloved movies, now you can have them n your hands in a matter of seconds.
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